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PRECISO rolls on TENTE wheels!

Something that is deeply rooted in our DNA? Well: make the daily use of our trolleys the most comfortable possible.


The partner chosen for PRECISO’s wheels is TENTE (


PRECISO mounts twin wheel castors, with a diameter of 125 mm (5 inches), made in polyamide. They glide like a charm thanks to sealed bearings.


The wheels are anti thread and their grey polyurethane tread is non marking. Their polyamide structure has...


... a twin bearing. On top of that the use of twin wheels dramatically reduces inertia.

This means the trolley always starts as if the wheels were already in the rolling direction.


Just to give you some data… A typical PRECISO has a carrying capacity that exceeds 300 kg (660 lbs.). With a full load the total mass can well be more than 100 kg (220 lbs.).


Thanks to its wheels the thrust needed to push a standstill PRECISO is just 1.3 kg (less than 2.8 lbs.)… and this no matter the direction the wheels are facing.


Some more technical detail:


Wheel brake: both the wheel and the castor are locked; this means both movements are totally blocked. It also has the “kick pedal”, for a quick and easy release of the block.

Directional lock function: also has the “kick pedal” which locks the wheel in the travel direction, improving steering in curves and making travel in a straight line easier.

Brake and lock function: has both systems described above and has thus 2 “kick pedals”. One red and one green.

Conductive wheel: the wheel is guaranteed up to 10,000 ohm and tested to discharges of up to 500 volt.



It is not by chance that PRECISO rolls on those wheels...


… and this brings us to whisper-quiet drawers on a whisper-quiet trolley!