Ward trolleys & Carts

High standards of hygiene, safety and durability
We begin each product design and every customer solution with clear criteria born of sound research into client needs. Our research summaries gather and interpret studies of workplace issues, offering a wide range of solutions for any specific applications. Constant communication with our clients allows us to collect their requests and to improve constantly our products which are therefore made according to healthcare‘s high standards of hygiene, safety and durability.

Assembled structure with extruded anodized aluminium angulars, lateral and back walls in moulded plastic, green-turquoise color.
Frontal place for drawers, space for 9 modules.
Drawers 417x470 mm in injection moulded ABS plastic, very robust construction; frontal full-width handle complete with wide label holder and coloured ID tag (available in 9 colours: red, green, yellow, blue, violet, grey, orange, pink and white)
Drawers on mauve plastic frame sliding on ball-bearing rails, fully extendable with self-closing system; load capacity 45 kg each drawer.
Central keylock system for all drawers (as an alternative>>> electronic lock-system).
Worktop in ABS moulded plastic, rim on 3 sides h. 48 mm, small frontal anti-drop rim.
Ergonomic push-handle on three sides with rounded edges.
Left side: flat, suitable for various accessories and accessories rails.
Right side: flat, suitable for various accessories and accessories rails.
Back side with built-in catheters/probes holder and accessories space (both with double opening for different sizes and removable front plate); storage space for sharp containers, bottles, with fixing straps.
Base in moulded ABS plastic reinforced with a powder coated steel frame, with all around bumpers
4 wheels Ø 150 mm, swivelling, non marking, anti thread with double ball-bearing, 2 with brakes.
Dim.: 571x594x1050 H mm
Cart load capacity: 300 kg