Introducing “culla”…



So… what exactly is culla?


Well, it mainly is a therapeutic and relaxation aid. And a very clever one, that is. It was conceived as a device offering reliefreassurancesafety and warmth to patients with physical and mental disabilities.

Culla is the Italian word for cradle: and this is exactly what it is about. The culla therapy and relax chair creates a protective, calming and soothing environment: the same as a baby’s cradle. The patient is sitting or lying down in a very comfortable chair that is large enough to allow positions more typical of a bed, yet offers protection, almost hugging and containing the whole body. Think of it: lying down in a fetal position has a powerful calming effect on all, especially Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s individuals.

Super high-quality padding and concave shape: this is the recipe for an outstanding level of comfort. Transfers to and from the patient’s bed are made easier: the whole chair tilts from sitting to lying position using a convenient handle; in the transfer and transfer duo versions this is even easier: one or two armrests can be removed for a safe and easy lateral patient transfer.

In the same time culla is also a mobility aid: the patient can be moved to different rooms or terraces with even surfaces; outdoor versions are equipped with more suitable wheels: 2 large rear wheels, a different rubber compound and a dynamic and positioning braking system.

So: culla is a mobility therapeutic aid and a mobile day bed with the footprint of a “not-so-large” armchair.

culla is distributed worldwide by Francehopital.

culla is proudly conceived, designed and made in the Dolomites by Elmi Reha of Caldaro – Bolzano, Italy.