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FH building in Lana, Italy seen from a drone

“Every business arises from the dream of one single individual, from his vision of an opportunity that others have not seen yet. Only if he is able to inspire and guide others, will his vision turn into an Enterprise worthy of the name.”

Our history

Francehopital is the story of three generations of men who created, developed and transformed over the last few decades the original structure of a small trading company founded by Julius Peroni to support his family during the hard times immediately after World War 2. A multi-ethnic culture, the courage to face challenges and stubborn faith in a better future: Julius imparted these distinguishing values to his newborn company when it was taking its first steps in the hospital fittings market. His son Günther, who took the command at a young age, had a positive impact on the company by reversing the original entrepreneurial perspective. Instead of developing a business strategy based on the company‘s search for markets for its products, he began exploring international markets in order to offer targeted solutions for the complex problems of hospital logistics. In 2005, the third generation of the Peroni family, in the person of young Gunnar, took the helm to implement a new structure for the company. He outlined a new identity of the company, strengthening its position on the world market and maturing that healthy respect for competitors that lets you learn from those who know how to move faster and better than others, and then turn the priceless wisdom that comes from recognizing one’s own mistakes into great opportunities for growth.

  • 1948

    Hospital kitchen equipment

  • 1964

    Introduction of a new laundry-handling system

  • 1972

    Kitchen equipment and washing machines
    Distribution of shelving and carts

  • 1980

    Development of PERSOCAR ward trolleys and PERSOFARM drug distribution system

  • 1983

    Development of the PERSOLIFE emergency trolley

  • 1990

    Development and production of custom-made stainless steel furniture for clean rooms

  • 1997

    First ISO 9001 certificate
    Production of WALLY, the new waste container with knee opening

  • 1998

    Development of the ISEO line of laundry trolleys and
    PERMODUL, a modular system of carts and shelves

  • 1999

    Development of the self extinguishing CLIPPER waste bin

  • 2007

    Production of EVOLIGHT and COLORLIGHT multifunction trolleys with rolling shutter, drawers or doors

  • 2008

    Production of ERGODOC patient files trolley and SHANGO multifunction trolleys with a laptop drawer

  • 2012

    OP-LINE: a complete range of items in stainless steel for operating theatres
    Presentation of PRECISO, the innovative ward trolley system

  • 2015

    PERSOCAR and PERSOLIFE re-designed

  • 2017

    Export reaches more than 80 countries worldwide

  • 2019

    Overhaul of the corporate image and launch of new logo and website

  • 2020

    Global launch of eWork Carts & revamping of CRUSHY


Gunnar Peroni


Each product design and personalized customer solution stem from thorough research of client needs. Constant customer feedback allows us to collect requests and wishes, generating an ongoing improvement process of our products, which are then made according to healthcare‘s highest standards of hygiene, safety and durability. Our R&D department continuously looks for ways of solving workplace related issues or problems. Very often this leads to “almost tailor-made” solutions.

This constant exchange between us and the healthcare world is indeed very exciting and always interesting.

Countries where FH exports: updated May 2020

Recognized worldwide

Francehopital always had a vocation for export, both because of its geographical position and its culture: our company is located in Alsace, France and South Tyrol, Italy. Francehopital has a rich and varied production, depending on functionality: from trolleys for personalized medication distribution to those for linen change in the wards; trolleys for operating rooms, for practices, for emergency rooms… it is a lineup that keeps growing to this day, adding new models and innovative solutions.
For us the value of excellence comes also from the ability to listen to all needs of accuracy and efficiency coming from hospital wards, the practical needs of our clients and, most of all, the needs of single physicians, nurses and technicians from all countries that are going to use our products.


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