A Matter of Transparencies



Save Time & Be More Efficient

The daily life of a hospital or a nursing home sees countless interactions with stock. Distribution of therapies and medication rounds are just two of these cases. This means accessing trolleys, transport carts, cabinets and other storage and transport elements during the whole day, every day; it involves opening shutters, doors, boxes and drawers and finding the right item.

A lot of time and energy could be saved by just looking at the container, quickly identifying the contents and the location of what is needed before reaching for it.

At the end of the day it is a solution already applied to supermarket refrigerators: why not do it on everyday logistics systems in healthcare facilities?


Transparent Drawers!

Transparent drawers allow seeing the contents: this avoids unnecessary opening/closing of the drawers and facilitates inventory control.

Useful in Supply Carts, Utility Carts, ICU Carts and many others.


Transparent Doors!

Depending on the content and the intended use (transport, transfer, storage), supply columns, like the TRS column of the PRECISO system, can be closed frontally with a rolling shutter or a door.
The shutter is very practical if it can be left open during the shift or the various operations.

Otherwise the door is more practical if the storage column must remain closed for most of the time and be opened only at the time of pick-up/storage of the product.
This is why the door is even more useful if it is transparent! It’s a sure hit!
A typical application for this solution is the operating room.