Building expansion in France


The demand for high quality hospital trolleys is increasing and the French market is no exception.

FH recently became a supplier for UGAP (link to our UGAP brochure, in French), a centralized purchasing service for the French public healthcare sector. This means that our French headquarters needs more space in order to prepare shipments for customers. Simply, our facility wasn’t big enough… and so a new storage area is under construction.

The new building is taking shape, but it is not an easy task. The pandemic is slowing down everything: the workforce has to deal with increased safety and personnel shortages, the delivery of building materials takes longer and even bureaucratic work is slower.

The dramatic night colours mark the beginning of the works, in December 2020. Now days are getting brighter and longer, and just a few days ago the main structure was finally standing proud.
It is a small thing, but we feel some sort of similarity between the making of this building, so important to our production process of healthcare trolleys and logistics, and the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, with its promise to give us our lives back!

There is no doubt this infrastructural expansion will help us to keep up with current and future demands, while maintaining the high standards in quality and on-time delivery our customers have come to expect.

REFINING HEALTHCARE also means refining the delivery process of our hospital trolleys.

building starts to enlarge FH facility in France
building progresses to enlarge FH facility in France