C2C or Cradle to Cradle


This expression is a play on the famous corporate phrase “from cradle to grave”. In our case it refers to the design and production cycle of an item, and not to the idea of following a customer’s need for his whole life. C2C refers to a more ethical approach in production of goods. The core of the philosophy is the highest possible attention to resources consumption and respect for the environment.

C2C processes are sustainable: from the birth of one generation to birth of the next, the environment and the resources of the planet are passed on. Some call it regenerative design.

The aim is to go beyond a mere produce/recycle logic. Each production step tries to avoid depletion of resources and creation of pollution. It ranges from using energy only from renewables to using plastics that are as recyclable as possible. As an example: a company producing wooden objects should plant a sapling for each felled tree; or use recycled wood. Production materials are seen as nutrients for the new production that comes when end-of-life is reached. This means that C2C seeks to create systems that are not only efficient but also essentially waste free. FH started some time ago with the choice of materials, first and foremost aluminum, steel and ABS.