Customization of our products


One of our strengths is that we have the means and the will to carry out all kinds of customisation.

Link to our PERSOLIFE emergency trolleys / crash carts.
Link to the oxygen cylinder holder.

the back of a Persolife emergency trolley/crash cart

We are firmly convinced that the exchange of information and experience is vital, more so in the healthcare sector.
That’s why we tell you here about the needs of our customers and present the solutions we have found.
The same problem has multiple solutions, and usually all are good.

In this case we see what was recently requested by a customer in Genoa.

The customer wanted to add an additional oxygen cylinder to their existing emergency trolleys / crash carts.
Say the onboard cylinder finishes during the emergency… tracking down a fresh oxygen cylinder could waste precious seconds in managing an emergency.
The solution was simple: add an additional cylinder holder to an existing crash cart.

The picture shows a PERSOLIFE 600 emergency trolley which has a gas cylinder holder (3 to 7 litres) as standard. Immediately next to it is an SPB-150, which can comfortably hold a 3 to 7 litre cylinder.

Have you ever thought about this?