Design For Disassembly


What’s our colleague assembling? It’s a PRECISO TRS logistics column.
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DFD is about designing and engineering an object taking into account the resources needed for its production and how these are disposed of at its end-of-life.
DFD also deals with re-use, repair and factors-in recycling with the lowest possible energy cost, expense and environmental impact.
Even before these issues became big issues, as they are today, FH already had an eye for creating hospital trolleys that could be repaired.

Some of our ward trolleys still in circulation were delivered more than 20 years ago and are still maintained by the hospital’s technical department or our own technicians. We can proudly say that reuse, repair and recycle are 3 words deeply rooted in our DNA.

A brief word about materials… Aluminium is used for the structures of our trolleys. It is light and strong, but also 100% recyclable.
The same recyclability applies to steel (including stainless steel).
Last, but not least, in the world of plastics, ABS is known for its excellent functional characteristics, and is also very easy to recycle.