Francehopital is among the “friend companies”



In the last years we decided we could lend a hand to some organizations.

Some are charities, some have high scientific value, some are young and need a little help.

Here is a brief recap of some small but very important contributions FH has made.

  • Centro Clinico "NeMO", Milan, Italy

    The NEMO Clinical Centre in Milan (NEuroMuscular Omnicentre) is a highly specialized centre, created to respond to those affected by diseases such as ALS, SMA and muscular dystrophies. The main aim is to improve the quality of life of the patients taken care of, while also providing support and assistance to their families. Francehopital firmly believes in the value of centres like this and has decided to give a tangible hand by donating some trolleys of the PERSOCAR series. Francehopital is now listed among the “friend companies” of the centre.

  • Ali Daum ONLUS

    We got in touch with a small non for profit organization that was created in memory of Alexander “Ali” Daum. It helps with much needed hardware, and it helps people who help other people in need.
    FH contributed two trolleys to two different projects.

    Fundacion Cardioinfantil of Bogotà, Colombia received a much needed PRECISO medication distribution trolley.

    – Shortly after that we delivered a PERSOLIFE emergency trolley to Emergency’s cardio surgery “Salam Centre”. This centre, the only of this type in whole Africa, is located in Soba, some 20km from Khartoum, Sudan.

  • Medical Center Merano

    Medical Center Merano is a small but significant reality that offers specialized visits in a polyclinic environment. It is a young social cooperative, which already made use of some of our products.
    In February 2020 Medical Center Merano moved to a new location.
    New spaces needed new support trolleys, so we found a way to donate a Preciso TRS transport column and a Preciso trolley.