PERMODUL: a clever system!


Permodul PMC53 service trolleyPERMODUL is made up of just 4-6 elements that do not require tools to be assembled and adapted… it simply is a brilliant system! Injection-moulded ABS plastic shelves, extruded aluminium uprights, an original fixing system, wheels or bases, and voila… a trolley, a table or a shelf is composed.
Permodul and Wally dustbin Permodul in kitchen Permodul red connector wedge

A Permodul shelving


PERMODUL is ideal for various service and logistics tasks, for offices, as a table for printers, for medical practices, for waiting rooms, for clinics, for the distribution of meals, for medication, for warehouses and even for home use. The fixing system allows to adjust the height of the shelves and of the handle. A very comfortable handle makes it easy to drive the trolley, protecting the hands from possible bumps. The trolley is very light and is available in different heights (from 70 to 180 cm), has super smooth and silent wheels and is also accessorizable.  PERMODUL is modular and only needs your imagination to create the object you need.


  • The 6 components that make up PERMODUL are:

    1. The posts
    2. The shelves (at least 2)
    3. The locking wedges
    4. The bases
    5. The 4 swiveling castors, 2 with brakes (not needed in fix unit)
    6. The push handle (only for the trolleys)