Persolife Emergency Trolleys


Persolife PL6 emergency cart in red

Efficient tools

OK, we want to provoke some thoughts here.

An emergency trolley, or crash cart, is used to deal with critical situations, and should be available in all wards (except first aid and intensive care: they are already organized for that).
The trolley must contain emergency medications, a defibrillator, an Ambu bag, a small oxygen bottle, a cardiac massage board, an IV pole and a suction pump and must allow responders to use it as a mobile station.
An emergency situation requires rapid action, and tools, instruments and medications must be at hand.

  • The trolley as a tool

    What we want to convey is this: an emergency trolley is a tool, exactly as the defibrillator or the drugs. A trolley must not be seen as merely a container of tools. This means that an emergency trolley has to be engineered as such! And this is exactly what Persolife is!

    Compactness, super organization, ergonomics and excellent mobility are necessary features of an emergency trolley. Just like fire extinguishers, the emergency trolley has its own pre-established and marked position within the ward, easily and quickly accessible and known by all staff and requires a striking and distinctive colour such as orange or red. A careful choice of this trolley is a must: its purpose is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the intervention by increasing the chances of saving someone’s life.

  • Why choose Persolife?

    So why choose Persolife over other emergency carts?

    – Persolife trolleys are very light and sturdy thanks to perfect mating and assembly of extruded aluminium posts and top and base in ABS plastic;
    – they are equipped with FH-Drawers: transportable drawers that can be swapped between trolleys and picking stations; mounted on ball-bearing rails of the best quality available, self-closing and dampened mechanism, fully extendable and smooth as silk;
    defibrillator plate: 360° swivelling and adjustable in size, complete with retention straps; accessible from all sides of the trolley, without hampering access to the drawers while operated;
    cardiac massage board: depending on the model, there are 3 different ways for installing it: front, lateral or under the worktop.

    Want to know more about the Persolife family of emergency trolleys? Click here to see our pdf catalogue.