PERTE: a new therapy distribution trolley


PERTE is a therapy distribution trolley

PERTE Trolley

The new solution for therapy distribution with the PERSOFARM system

The PERTE trolley is designed for both transport and storage of PVA19 and PVA53 trays equipped with dispensers and cups from the PERSOFARM range.
It is well known that on the PVA19 and PVA53 trays, nurses arrange the daily therapy of the patients/guests, using the range of dispensers (chosen according to the needs) and cups for oral therapy.
The PERTE trolley is ideal at the time of therapy administration, as it allows easy movement with the necessary material: up to 28 trays can be placed inside the trolley.
Once the therapy round is over, the trolley can be parked; it is closed with the practical rolling shutter – quiet, smooth-running and space-saving when open – turning it into a perfect storage cabinet.

The PERTE trolley has a lightweight structure, with posts in extruded aluminium, walls in composite material available in 6 colours (aluminium, white, blue, green, pink and orange).

Top and bottom are in moulded ABS technopolymer: the worktop incorporates push handles on three sides.

The wide range of accessories available on all FH solutions can also be used on the PERTE trolley, such as:

  • the side accessory rails,
  • the wastebins,
  • the bottle holder,
  • side baskets
  • and much more.

The PERTE trolley can also be equipped with:

  • a lateral folding table, where the therapy card can be placed, but also with
  • an arm or support complete with a computer, All-In-One, tablet or laptop if the healthcare facility uses a computerised system.

The PERTE trolley is suitable for nursing homes or long-term care wards, where the variation of therapy is very low and the daily therapy is prepared in advance.
In fact, each dispenser is divided into the 4 classic moments of administration: morning, afternoon, evening and night and is closed with a sliding lid to facilitate distribution.
Dispensers are set up during the night shift or in any case in advance of the first dispensing time, in order to facilitate and reduce distribution and dispensing times.

The PERTE trolley is compact, practical and flexible, easy to sanitise, safe and pleasant to use.


Code: PRT9X-S-xx (colours: -AL aluminium, -WH white -AR orange, -GR green, -BL blue, -PR pink)

Shutter: grey colour

Compatible with trays: size 450×340 mm

Capacity: 28 rails, for max 28 trays (the quantity also depends on the type of dispenser and cup used)

Dimensions (mm): 510x595x1150 total height / 1095 height at worktop

Wheels diam. 125 mm – 2 with brake

Weight: 35 kg

Availability: immediate