PI-NERO: innovation is bi-colour!


A service trolley is the basic element in healthcare logistics.
PI-NERO is the new service trolley, but with FH’s “refining treatment”

And what did we refine?

We transformed a humble service trolley and made it into a beautiful and particularly versatile object.

And this is no small thing.

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the PI-NERO service trolley with 3 shelves


A special feature of PI-NERO (“nero” in Italian means black) that immediately catches the eye are its bi-colour ABS plastic shelves!

The top is white with a glossy finish, while the underside and the outer part of the raised edge is black, with different finishes: glossy and matt!

We achieved this not by gluing two pieces together, but by using a special two-colour injection moulding, an innovative and highly technical solution.

We therefore have a mould that weighs a good 9 tonnes and rotates on its own axis; with just one mould we can make all three types of shelves: top shelf, intermediate shelves and base shelf which incorporates the bumpers.

It was a brave and ambitious choice to ‘refine’ (our ‘refining’ treatment) a service trolley. We did it as a pure choice of style and innovation by applying an exquisitely Italian design to a common object used in healthcare.

the PI-NERO service trolley with 3 shelves, one FH-Drawer and an overbridge with accessories

(particularly) Flexible

PI-NERO is our new transformable trolley!

We started with the desire to innovate the concept and construction of a service trolley (typically with 2 or 3 shelves) and subjected it to the ‘refining treatment’.

Usually seen as a mere means of transport or as an occasional support surface, we asked ourselves whether we could not get more out of a ‘simple service trolley’.

What if, in addition to its logistical role, we also wanted to make it a multifunctional trolley? A trolley that can also be used for treatments, or for administering medications.

The result is PI-NERO, a newly developed trolley, almost a hybrid between a service trolley and a real med trolley.

  • PI-NERO can be equipped with a tube or overbridge through the original, patented TWISTER ® system for quick insertion and fastening (no tools required!); the overbridge can be equipped with all accessories from FH’s extensive range.
  • The 600 mm FH-Drawers can also be installed under the shelves by means of suitable rails.
  • The sides of the trolley can be equipped with universal accessory bars mounted with our SABU system.
  • The handle, which can be on one or both sides, can be adjusted in height or added later with two clicks… not mouse clicks, but physical clicks by using your thumbs.


Curious? Want to know more about PI-NERO? Drop us an email at [email protected]

a detail of the pi-nero service trolley

Technical data

PI-NERO is a service trolley that, in its standard configuration, comes with 3 shelves, 4 extruded aluminium corner posts and 4 attractive black wheels, Ø 100 mm, 2 of which have brakes.
Each shelf has a raised edge on 3 sides and a lower, anti-drip front edge.
Dimensions: 758x532x902 H (878 H at worktop)


  1. PI-NERO can be shipped unassembled, in a single or multi-pack.
    So no air is transported.
  2. PI-NERO can be assembled, disassembled and customised without tools.
    So it can be assembled on site by the customer.
  3. PI-NERO is robust, has a good load capacity and weighs much less than the average steel service trolley.
    Therefore extremely manoeuvrable.
  4. PI-NERO can be equipped with multiple accessories, turning it into a trolley for different functions.
    Thus adaptable to different environments, departments and even non-traditional markets.

Like all FH production, PI-NERO too, is conceived, designed and made with ♥ in Italy.


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