The Picking Station: what is it and what is it for



A healthcare facility can decide for different internal logistics solutions. The handling and flow of sanitary materials, medicines, dirty and clean linen, waste, etc. is a delicate and complex issue: entire books, essays and dissertations have been written on the subject. Our picking station, just one element of a wide range of modular furniture for logistics, is mainly used for the distribution of medication. A real intermediate storage station, it can receive and handle medications in unit doses, and then set up individual dispensers (daily or weekly). The worktop, drawers and other accessories make it an ergonomic workstation, which can be used in a sitting or standing position and can be positioned in pharmacies or ward infirmaries.


The structure of the picking station is made of chrome-plated steel and is based on our MOSYS-ISO shelving system. It uses modular elements that allow you to customise the various picking stations (uprights of different heights, different sizes for shelves and worktops, drawer runners, medicine containers, baskets, etc.). You can easily create different picking stations according to your needs.

picking station with accessories in a wall mount version

At FH we have always been involved in hospital logistics and offer various solutions adapted to the different methods and systems used. Our picking station (the pictures are just some of the possible combinations) was created with the intention of having a modular and scalable work tool that can be adapted to the different types of “picking”. In this way, the containers of each station can be added and removed with great ease. Finally, the picking stations can be wall mounted, placed on legs or wheels.

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