Some FH figures


Some fun and interesting facts about Francehopital's products.

We briefly look back at our experience and all the years of innovative developments in this sector. We are happy to work with so many wonderful people: colleagues, distributors, agents and customers.

It has often happened to many of us to feel genuine appreciation for our products. It may sound obvious, but we have to say it: not only does it make us proud to have satisfied customers, but it is a fundamental value of ours. Long before this was called “mission”, in corporate jargon.
It is also a source of pride for us at FH to be able to provide 24/7 telephone support, but also, where possible, to go on site for technical assistance: we are interested in customers and their needs and we are passionate about satisfying them.

Let us have fun with some FH figures!

  • 55

    countries in the world using PRECISO

  • 4

    lateral accessory rails in a cart

  • 3000

    Italian customers using our products

  • 5101

    dirty linen bag holder trolleys sold in the last 6 months of 2019

  • 147.2

    litres the load capacity of a PRESTO cart with 4 drawers

  • 1.3

    kg the thrust needed to move from standstill a fully loaded PRECISO trolley

  • 300

    kg the maximum load capacity of an FH cart

  • 432

    Boxes of Aspirine C - 10 fizzy tablets you can place in a PRESTO SMALL cart

  • 3

    seconds to automatically close an FH-drawer

  • 10

    drawers in a PRECISO N°10 trolley