WALLY: a dustbin almost 25 years young


Quick link to WALLY and MAXIWALLY pages.


The knee-operated dustbin from FH has some bad copies out there, but is still the nicest.

Created by FH in 1997, WALLY helps to keep hands clean and does not force the user to touch the potentially infected lid whenever something has to be thrown.

OK, you don’t need to touch WALLY with your hands. But there’s another important feature: you install WALLY either on a wall or on the side of a trolley (using an accessory rail). WALLY is always hanging: it doesn’t touch the floor, and also this helps keeping the surrounding area clean!

Just a few features:

  • A gentle pressure with your knee and the lid opens
  • It’s closed by a lid: this prevents spread of odours and bacteria
  • High quality ABS plastic material, easy to clean and sanitize
  • Removable inner bucket for easy emptying and quick washing
  • Bag retainer flaps to hold the bag securely in place

WALLY is the base model, the first we created, and has a capacity of 8 litres.

We soon created MAXIWALLY: a larger version with the same concept and a capacity of 20 litres.

MAXIWALLY knee-operated dustbin in grey/grey on the side of a PRESTO therapy trolley
WALLY knee-operated dustbin in blue and grey