Closing systems for med trolleys


rusty antique lock with yellow flower

Med trolleys always contain materials that are best kept safe: dangerous medications and medical supplies. Trolleys are often left unattended, in areas open to the public (for example the hallway of a ward or an inpatient room). For this reason, their contents should be accessible only to authorized personnel.

the key bends so that it does not hurt or get damaged in case of an impact

1. Key lock

The most obvious choice, also the most economical, is the key lock.
All FH trolleys are equipped with this lock as standard.
But even an item as commonly used as a key lock must contain for us an element of refinement, a solution that gives it that edge, and this is found in the key itself: in the event of a collision, it bends. The advantage is twofold: the key does not break, and if someone has hit it, this person does not get hurt.

the plastic safety seal in a combo of uses

2. Safety seal

The plastic seal has a unique identification number. It does not guarantee that the contents of the trolley will not be touched, but it does allow you to trace the shift that filled the trolley stock, as well as to know that everything is checked, verified, and ready for use.
In the case of ward trolleys, the centralized release mechanism (which then breaks the seal) is always a knob. There are also drawer-by-drawer versions: in this case the seal is broken simply by opening the drawer. In PERSOLIFE emergency trolleys, there are 2 systems to break the seal and be able to open the drawers: the cardiac massage plate and the Safety Lock system. The cardiac massage plate is mounted in front of the drawers and is stopped by the seal. To open the drawers you have to pull the plate, which breaks the seal. Safety Lock is a mechanical central locking system. It consists of a lever/button that moves up and down. The seal holds the lever/button in the up position, thus with the drawers locked. By hitting it with the palm of the hand, a spontaneous movement under emergency conditions, the lever breaks the seal and unlocks access to the drawers. Simple and very effective.

Electronic lock with 10 digit pinpad

3. Electronic lock

The lock has a keypad with 10 digits. Entering the correct PIN (4 digits) unlocks the lever, which in turn unlocks the central locking of the drawers. To lock the drawers again, it is necessary to lower the lever, which is then automatically locked.

The lock is equipped with a set of override keys, to be used in case of an emergency: this avoids entering the code.

RFID activated electronic lock

4. Electronic lock with RFID technology

Unlocking the lever and thus the drawers is done via a smartcard. To lock the drawers again, it is necessary to lower the lever, which is then automatically locked.

The system is equipped with a set of override keys, to be used in case of an emergency.

the Salto RFID activated electronic lock

5. Compatibility with many more systems

FH’s trolleys are compatible with many other closing systems. Among them the SALTO electronic lock with RFID technology.

The knob is unlocked by a smartcard: simply turn it to unlock and lock the drawers.


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