Is your vaccination station ready?


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Never before has there been so much talk about vaccine administration stations.

Certainly the COVID-19 vaccination has forced us to rethink entire spaces previously used for other purposes. These are often gymnasiums or exhibition halls: areas and distances that cannot be compared to a normal clinic.

In this context, vaccination stations must have certain basic characteristics that make the operator’s life more comfortable and the management of materials safer, while respecting good vaccination practices and the procedures of the various structures.

PRESTO vaccination trolley comes in an ideal configuration for vaccine administration

In addition to the chair or armchair where the patient to be vaccinated sits, a trolley for each workstation provides the vaccination staff with mobile storage of gloves, gauzes, masks, syringes, thermometers, … and vaccine doses to be used promptly.

The possible use of a drawer that doubles as a tray also allows easy replenishment of stock and simplifies logistics: moving only that drawer-tray instead of moving the whole trolley or even cardboard boxes.

Obviously, a vaccination station also generates waste: it is therefore a good idea to provide both a generic container for waste that can be assimilated with urban waste, and a container for potentially infectious and sharp waste such as used syringes and needles. Larger containers can be placed on supports, smaller containers should be firmly attached to the trolley to avoid injuries or dropping their contents.


a PRESTO small trolley with the logo of the Italian anti-COVID-19 vaccination campaign

FH has configured a trolley from the PRESTO line specifically for vaccination stations (image above).
In addition to the colour of the walls, which recall the primrose associated with the Italian national COVID-19 vaccination campaign, this PRESTO small trolley takes up very little space, while providing a large load capacity thanks to its 3 convenient drawers and a generous large drawer; at the side on a height-adjustable bar is an innovative KOBITE holder to hold any sharps and potentially infectious waste container firmly in place.

This second image shows a slightly different PRESTO small medication trolley: the primrose of the Italian vaccination campaign is a sticker, and the drawer configuration is slightly different.