Shh! A medication trolley is passing


PRESTO medication trolley

A very complex environment

In healthcare structures multiple critical factors combine: the users are people who are not feeling well, the operation is on 24 hours, there are urgencies to manage, there is exposure to diseases and contaminants, patients need rest, different professional categories and with different specializations interact all day long. It is an extremely complex and demanding environment, in which, we believe, the better you feel, the better you work (and the sooner a patient recovers…).

PRESTO small ward trolley

Perfectly engineered trolleys

So, to increase the quality of life in the wards, why not equip yourself with medication, therapy and emergency trolleys that are comfortable, efficient, ergonomic and… silent?

(By the way: it doesn’t get smaller than that medication trolley on the left: a PRESTO small has a footprint of less than 60×60 cm).

Nerviani wheel on PERSOLIFE emergency trolley

Perfectly engineered wheels

The high quality wheels, that stem from  careful engineering and construction – like NERVIANI’s wheels mounted on our PRESTO medication and therapy trolleys and PERSOLIFE emergency trolleys – lead to just that: a trolley that smoothly rolls through wards without rattling and clanking.