Presto Multirole Trolleys

Multifunction trolley

With Presto (Italian for “quick”, “fast”) we meet the new demands of the healthcare world for lightness, compactness and economy.
Presto: "less is more"!

Presto large therapy trolley in a hospital ward
Presto small multirole hospital trolley


Presto’s lineup is made of 4 families: small, medium, large and double.
Different accessories are available and all models can be equipped with an overbridge and our patented “tool-less” system for accessory bars.

Want to know more on that? SABU and SERPA are the joints that make this possible. Click here for SABU’s page, and here for SERPA’s page.

Worktop and pull-out side table

All models have a large and sturdy worktop with 3 raised edges: these retain objects and act as push handles, thus minimizing the trolley’s footprint. The worktop’s sand-wet grey has an anti-reflective matt finish.

On Presto medium, large and double the left side has a slide-out writing table that increases the usable surface of the trolley.

Side panels available in the following colours

  • Aluminium
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange


  • ABS worktop with three raised edges and anti-drip front rim;
  • Integrated push handle on three sides;
  • Super-lightweight composite aluminium/plastic panels;
  • Equipped with FH-drawers: transportable and mounted on square guides;
  • Overbridge available;
  • ABS base with perimeter bumper;
  • High quality wheels: Ø 125 mm, double ball bearing, swiveling, non-marking, 2 with brake.



Want to configure your own PRESTO hospital trolley? This link opens our exclusive configurator.

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