A small effort made everyone happy


stainless steel service trolley CS962 coupled to a CB20P bag holder trolley for dirty linen at 900px

A long-standing customer wishes to combine the use of an “older” product with a newer purchase.
In this case, the hospital already has a “fleet” of CS962 stainless steel service trolleys, and is buying some CB20P dirty linen collection trolleys.

So why not combine the strength of both products? The handy CS962 service trolley for bedside clean linen delivery, and the agility of the CB20P dirty linen bag holder trolleys.

The round begins. The coupled trolleys leave the ward storage area. At the first room they separate. The quicker task of removing dirty linen is carried out by one operator, while the other stays behind using the service trolley to equip the beds with clean linen, just picked-up from the ward storage cabinet.

When the job is done and the end of the hallway is reached, the trolleys are rejoined and carried back to the ward storage area. One has the bags of dirty linen removed, the other is ready to get a new load of clean linen.

For us it was a matter of developing an easy coupling system… and once again the power of customized solutions has made all happy!