FH-experience: the online configurator


FH-experience: our simple and intuitive online tool to help you configure and equip exactly the trolley you want.

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Configure any PRESTO and PRECISO trolleys or PRECISO TRS transport columns: for therapy, medication, storage or transport in your hospital, nursing home, clinic or any other healthcare facility. An intuitive and easy-to-use online tool for desktop computers or smartphones and tablets.

No time for reading now? Here’s the direct link to the FH-experience.

3D rendering of a PRECISO therapy trolley with overbridge obtained using the online configurator FH-experience

Here comes a new trolley!

It can happen to all of us to receive a trolley that then, for one reason or another, turns out to have that minor but annoying inconvenience, or has something that ‘doesn’t fit’ in the appearance. The trolley is not broken, has no defects, nothing is missing…. but… ‘if only I had chosen the version with the overbridge (or trellis), I could now have a clutter-free worktop, without having the disinfectant solution lying there’. Or: ‘gee,’ says a colleague, ‘with an extra large drawer we would have had space to put the bottles of saline solution… instead we have to carry them on a service trolley’.

FH’s products are mainly systems for logistics in healthcare facilities: shelving of course, but mainly transport trolleys and trolleys for medication and therapy administration. So these trolleys serve quite large areas, very varied in the type of materials they need, and they are used by many different operators over a 24-hour period.

3D rendering of a PRECISO therapy trolley with laptop tray obtained using the online configurator FH-experience

Configure and share!

Usually, the person placing the order for a new trolley interacts with our sales network, either in person or on the phone, or sees and touches our products at a trade fair or in a showroom. FH-experience is a further, very important building block that can lead to the best possible choice!
FH-experience is the name we have given to the website and the app that allow you to configure any PRESTO or PRECISO trolley, using a common computer or smartphone/tablet.
Configuring the size of the trolley, the colour of the walls, its equipment and accessories and then seeing and sharing the result directly on the screen is a crucial step that is priceless: it is almost like having the product directly at your fingertips!
Sharing the project with colleagues, or printing out your ‘dream trolley’ means provoking comments and reactions in future users of that product… it is natural that by seeing the product you will more easily identify with its use. And it is likely that shortcomings or oversights may pop up: drawers too small for the usual workload of a certain ward, lack of a certain accessory or feature.

3D rendering of a single PRECISO TRS transport column obtained using the online configurator FH-experience

The FH-experience!

These ‘shortcomings’ can be remedied with a few simple clicks, without having to intervene when it is much more inconvenient: when the trolley is delivered. The configurator can also be used by a person in an administrative or managerial role, who may not be familiar with the real operational needs and challenges. You can achieve an ‘almost perfect’ result even if you start with a very basic project: just share it with the people who will actually use it every day! Feedback will come quickly and the project will be refined along the way.
And don’t forget that sharing a project always creates a positive effect: including end users and gathering their suggestions is good for everyone!
Among the many technical refinements of the FH-experience configurator are the multilingual interface (it is available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish) and the possibility of saving your configuration: you save, close the web page and resume the project later on.
Sharing a project with your team can be done by saving it to pdf or sending it by email.

This makes the configurator a great tool for optimising time and resources.

3D rendering of a PRESTO therapy trolley with overbridge obtained using the online configurator FH-experience

An immersive experience!

The great advantage is that the project is visible as a 3D rendering: at the touch of the mouse (or finger) the trolley can be rotated on its vertical axis and you can interact with certain accessories such as the side drawer, the shutter and the lateral worktop. All this creates a more immersive experience and brings the project closer to reality.
In addition to this realistic touch, FH-experience also addresses the practical side: the project contains a real data sheet, with a description of the trolley, its features and accessories.
This data sheet is useful for various purposes: for example, you can forward it to your facility’s purchasing department for approval, or you can use it with your sales representative to place a precise and punctual order, avoiding potential misunderstandings. The procedure for placing an order becomes extremely simple and quick: a real time-saver!

A final important note: the configurator is obviously free of charge, and no personal data is collected when using it.


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