We move contents! >>The unique transportable drawer<< NOW ALSO TRANSPARENT



A great idea just got better!

The FH-Drawer: now also completely transparent.

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Move the whole drawer, not just the content

An FH-Drawer can be moved with its contents: to and from cupboards, trolleys and wall mount holders.


A transportable drawer?

Removing an FH-drawer from a trolley? Easy: just fully extend the drawer and lift it.

The same goes for placing it.

Easy, and very practical!


Organized content

The inside of an FH-drawer can be equipped with dividers or bins.

Cleaning and sanitizing? It’s made easier by rounded inner edges and corners.


Wall mounting

By placing a special support on the wall, any room can become a refilling station for ward based trolleys.

Slide in an empty FH-drawer, fill it, slide it out, carry to trolley: as easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4!

FH reimagines the drawer itself: it is now merged into a tray and creates a new way of working. When a drawer is empty why move the whole trolley? The drawer is compatible with picking-station rails and refilling can be carried out at the central or satellite pharmacy. Full/empty exchange is carried out by just moving the drawer between station and cart. Francehopital has always distinguished itself for innovative solutions and original ideas. Francehopital created the original and only drawer that can be transported: the drawer rests on a frame that incorporates the telescopic rails and therefore can be easily and quickly removed.
• it allows the rapid exchange of drawers between trolleys;
• it allows perfect cleaning and sanitizing;
• it ensures a capacity of more than 40 kg;
• it guarantees 110% opening and closing with automatic closure.

The 100% Italian design and construction, the selection of high quality ABS plastic materials, the injection moulding in a single block, the range in three heights (76 mm, 156 mm and 236 mm): these are the details that make the difference and make the daily use of our trolleys a unique experience.