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Refining Healthcare

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FH new general catalogue open at the trolleys chapter

The new general catalogue is here!

You may download it, or request the delivery of a physical copy.
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PRESTO vaccination trolley comes in an ideal configuration for vaccine administration

For an efficient vaccination station

We all finally hear the word vaccine for COVID-19. But let's not forget that there are many other vaccination programs for other diseases. This dedicated hospital trolley is our proposal to make the management of a vaccine administration station easier and safer.
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picking station with accessories in a wall mount version

Let's talk about picking stations

There are still many healthcare facilities that ignore this type of internal goods handling.
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CRUSHY: pill crusher and cutter

CRUSHY got a revamp!

Pill cutting and crushing with style!
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a new VirtualDEMO is out!

Read the news about it and watch the video.
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Rubbing disinfectant on our hands and wearing protective gloves has become daily routine everywhere.
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Transparencies matter!

It's so simple: a transparent drawer or door can make a huge difference!
Come see why...
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Elegant, sturdy and super comfortable
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Persolife 400 Emergency Trolleys

Persolife: everything at hand when there's no time to waste!
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SABU accessory bar


Discover the broad range of our cross product accessories
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HYPPO carryall hook

HYPPO: the carryall / instrument hook

It fits on accessory bars and on ISEO Line tubes.
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