The advantages of a logistics hopper


The long and articulated chain of healthcare logistics gets a big help from its smallest player… a humble drawer.

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But it’s not your average drawer: it’s the FH-Drawer, another product we designed with the user in mind, and made with a lot of ❤!

We have written often about material handling in healthcare: we have told you about mobile furniture, the ISO 600×400 standard and the complexity of intra-hospital logistics.
Now we tell you about the journey of the last link in ‘our’ logistics chain: the 600 mm FH-Drawer. We show you the advantages given by its interchangeability, and also the advantages given by the modularity of many of the FH products.

The image below represents the hypothetical route that one of our FH-Drawers can make from a storage area (this could be the central warehouse, the pharmacy, a ward storage area, etc.). As you can see, the FH-Drawer travels with different carriers, can stop at various intermediate points and finally ends up in one of the PRESTO, PRECISO, PERSOLIFE or ESSENTIAL trolleys, ready to be used where it is needed.

Image showing that an FH-Drawer can interchange among FH shelving systems, cabinets, a logistics column and a ward trolley
MOSYS-ISO-SPACE is a compactable shelving unit. Here an FH-Drawer is highlighted


The journey of the FH-Drawer starts from a MOSYS-ISO-SPACE in the central warehouse, or pharmacy. This is a compactable shelving unit, fully compatible with the ISO 600×400 standard (ADVANTAGE #1: the standard), which can also be equipped with slanted rails (facilitating the picking of overhead items). In addition to the traditional ISO baskets, the shelving can also hold the 600 mm FH-Drawers.

The fact that this shelving unit is compactable is an advantage in terms of space. Only the first and last elements are fixed, while the others move on wheels and on a guide rail above. This means that a single access aisle is all that is needed: for the same surface area there is actually 33% more storage space (ADVANTAGE #2: optimising space)! The guide rail at the top keeps the floor clean more efficiently (ADVANTAGE #3: cleaning is easier).

A MOSYS-ISO on wheels and an ISO campatible cabinet: both can hold several FH-Drawers

MOSYS-ISO and ISO compatible cabinet

From the central warehouse to other depots (which may serve one or more wards) the ISO containers and FH-Drawers travel on MOSYS-ISO trolleys. These can act as simple transporters (their contents must be transshipped) or they can be exchanged full for empty, thus becoming temporarily static shelving units: the full MOSYS-ISO remains, the empty one returns to the central warehouse in the meantime.
In ward storerooms, various systems can be found for storing medications and other medical materials before they reach the point where they will actually be used.
In our example, there is a generic ISO 600×400 cabinet and a MOSYS-ISO rack (which is the one that arrived earlier from the central warehouse).

A PRECISO TRS 180-D double logistics column for hospital transport and storage: a highlighted FH-Drawer is visible

PRECISO TRS logistics columns

Both ISO containers and FH-Drawers can now be loaded onto PRECISO TRS logistics columns. Our picture shows a double PRECISO TRS. The materials are safe behind a lockable double door (ADVANTAGE #4: the column can serve as ward stock and also stand in a corridor: the contents are safe).
Again, we have two choices: for example, the PRECISO TRS column can serve an operating block (or any final point of use: it is the last link in the chain, as that is where the material is used), or serve as a supply point for ward trolleys or PERSOLIFE 600 large emergency trolleys.

a PRECISO N° 9 ward trolley with a highlighted FH-Drawer

PRECISO multi-purpose ward trolley

The FH-Drawer continues its journey… In this case, we take the FH-Drawer and exchange it full for empty with an identical drawer onboard of a PRECISO, PRESTO large, eWork Cart, PERSOLIFE 600 large or ESSENTIAL Dual trolley (ADVANTAGE #5: the Drawer-FH is transportable: no need to empty it and transfer its contents). A variation of the PRECISO multi-purpose trolley is that instead of the telescopic ball-bearing drawer runners there are ISO guides (and a rolling shutter with keylock): in this case the trolley can be equipped with both FH-Drawers and generic ISO 600×400 trays and baskets.

A nurse takes an FH-Drawer from a PRESTO ward trolley: this is the transportable drawer created by Francehopital

The star in our story: the FH-Drawer

If we look at an FH-Drawer carefully, we discover its main features:

  1. it is made of a single piece of ABS (ADVANTAGE #6: extremely solid)
  2. for the same reason it has no welding points and
  3. all corners and edges are rounded (ADVANTAGE #7: easier to clean and sanitise)
  4. it has two practical handles: it can be fully opened, lifted and carried to the exchange point (ADVANTAGE #8: it is transportable and does not have to be emptied and filled piece by piece)

And we also make it transparent!

the transparent version of the FH-Drawer with some divider bins

The modularity of our systems


The PRECISO multi-purpose trolley always retains the same footprint (830×650 mm) while its height, divided into modules, increases. There are PRECISO N° 7, PRECISO N° 8, PRECISO N° 9 and PRECISO N° 10. Taking the example of PRECISO N° 7: there is space for 7 modules, which means that all combinations of 600 mm wide FH-Drawers with the height of 1, 2 or 3 modules can be obtained.
Each PRECISO model can be equipped with walls compatible with the ISO 600×400 standard. If equipped with a rolling shutter and keylock, the models obtain the suffix X.


The PRESTO multirole trolley retains the same height (1035 mm, with a capacity of 9 modules) and changes in width. PRESTO small and PRESTO medium are equipped with 1 column of 400 mm wide FH-Drawers, while PRESTO double accommodates 2 columns with the same FH-Drawers.
PRESTO large has 9 modules available for the 600 mm wide FH-Drawer.


The PERSOLIFE emergency trolley is the father of the PRESTO trolley and follows its modularity. The height is always the same (1225 mm, given by the presence of the defibrillator holder), with the PERSOLIFE 400 Small and Medium versions accommodating 400 mm FH-Drawers on 9 modules and the PERSOLIFE 600 Large version using 600 mm FH-Drawers, also on 9 modules.


The PRECISO TRS logistics column exists in 3 widths (Single, Double and Triple), each available in 3 heights (110, 140 and 180 cm). All are equipped with a rolling shutter and keylock and have full ISO 600×400 compatibility. The 180 cm versions can also be fitted with transparent hinged doors.


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