Preciso Multifunction Trolleys

versatility by design

PRECISO hospital trolleys: the perfect combination of precious materials, smooth volumes and essential lines.
When creativity, innovation, fantasy and precision merge, shaping a truly versatile product.

Preciso anaesthesia trolley in an operating room


Unique and versatile drawers, compatible with common ISO-systems.
Perfect geometrical harmony between components and accessories. Vivid nuances for side-panels combined with natural tones like grays and mauve. And very important details: like TENTE’s 125 mm (5″) twin wheels.


PRECISO has 3 basic configurations: drawers, rolling shutter or doors.

When equipped with drawers those can be:

  • on telescopic frames or
  • on plastic ISO guides

When equipped with a rolling shutter or with doors, the trolleys can be configured choosing from a broad range of ISO compatible accessories.

Available colours for side panels

  • electric green
  • pastel salmon
  • pastel blue
  • electric blue
  • electric yellow
  • aluminium (standard colour)
  • electric pink
  • electric red
  • pastel green


Some interesting features of the PRECISO trolleys:

  • the chassis is in extruded anodized aluminium
  • base, worktop and transportable drawers are made of injection moulded ABS
  • various systems for securing the trolly’s contents (see below and individual model descriptions)
  • broad range of heights both for trolleys and TRS transport columns

Lightweight, sturdy and easy to sanitize

Panels and posts in anodized extruded aluminium are combined with an injection-moulded ABS plastic top and bottom to form a single, extremely sturdy and lightweight body. Precious materials, measured volumes and essential lines for a unique design. Perfect coupling of materials to ensure easy sanitization.

Configure your own PRECISO trolley

The PRECISO trolley is available in various sizes, can be equipped with a variety of FH-Drawers and accessories, and can even be equipped with a rolling shutter.
Click this link: our configurator will open in a separate tab, allowing you to configure the exact trolley you need. You will be able to print your project, and also mail to our team, in order to get a quote.

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