Transportable FH-Drawer

Not just a drawer for trolleys, but a logistic medium at the heart of a whole system



A trolley for hospitals, nursing homes or medical cabinets is usually made up of drawers.

At FH we made static drawers into active components of a logistic system: the FH-Drawer is transportable and interchangeable with other trolleys, shelving systems, logistics columns, cabinets and picking stations.

It is available in 4 heights (1, 2, 3 and 4 modules) and 2 widths (600 mm and 400 mm).

To help internal organization, slot-in dividers and bins (with dividers) are avalable.

Main features at a glance:

– each FH-Drawer is made out of a single ABS piece: there are no seams (not the 4 modules version) and cleaning it is extremely easy
– all 4 sides have the same height: true load capacity and perfect containment of items
also available transparent: see the content without opening
– coloured identification tags: 10 colours available, for quick identification
– also has a label holder
– the handle runs along the whole width: comfortable opening from any position

Want to know more? Read this article in our news.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions of 600 drawer (mm)
    - 1 module: 610x470x76 H
    - 2 modules: 610x470x156 H
    - 3 modules: 610x470x236 H
    - 4 modules: 610x470x316 H
  • Dimensions of 400 drawer (mm)
    - 1 module: 410x470x76 H
    - 2 modules: 410x470x156 H
    - 3 modules: 410x470x236 H
    - 4 modules: 410x470x316 H

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