Bins are a drawer’s best mate


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So you need a trolley for you hospital, your nursing home or your clinic. The choice of the right trolley (size and equipment do matter!) is just the start. How many drawers are you going to need? What size? That’s the next step.
Once done, do not forget a last and crucial step: equip your drawers with organising systems! The results will be optimised spaces, more efficiency and comfort at work and last, but not least, quick picking of the right medication or item (extremely important during an emergency).

model posing as a nurse with a PRECISO hospital trolley

The right size for the right job

Choosing the right medical trolley for a hospital ward or nursing home is crucial: it must be of the right size, and you must take into account what its role will be: therapy trolley, medication trolley, examination trolley, storage or logistics trolley, emergency trolley, patient hygiene trolley. The trolley must be comfortable for the operators to use and must have all the material within reach.
At the same time there is the choice of the number and size of drawers that equip the medical trolley. In the case of the FH-Drawer this can be 400 mm or 600 mm wide, each can be 76, 156, 236 and 316 mm high, and there are also transparent drawers. (more info on FH-Drawers)
But that’s not all… each drawer will have to contain all sorts of loose or packaged items, available in many sizes and shapes.

In order to have everything both identifiable and at hand, drawer organisation systems have been developed. These are of two types:

  • Slot-in divider kits
  • Divider bin kits

With slot-in dividers, you can obtain simple 4-walled spaces in which to place objects, keeping them physically separated from each other. It’s an effective solution, but somehow limited.

a drawer of a medical trolley with slot-in dividers to better organise the available space
a drawer of a medical trolley with bin dividers to better organise the available space
some bin dividers for drawer organisation

What about the title? What’s the perfect mate for a drawer?

The most refined solution comes from the bin dividers. In this case another “wall” is added: the bottom. The advantage of this is twofold: 1) You may take out the entire bin with all its contents; 2) if by chance some liquid is spilled, it will remain contained in the bin, without soiling or, worse, contaminating the rest of the drawer.
FH’s mauve bin dividers are made of robust, high-quality ABS plastic and are available in 2 widths, 2 lengths and 2 heights, so you can get more than a dozen combinations to best organise the contents of an FH-Drawer. You can easily move, rearrange, add or remove trays without having to deal with the entire contents of the drawer.

a divider for a bin, complete with a label holder

Sub-dividing a bin divider?

Yes! And here’s why…

You can further optimise space by equipping the bins with adjustable dividers and label holders: these give you additional possibilities for organising, separating and identifying contents. Remember: quick identification of contents means a smoother job.
The mauve bins and dividers are dishwasher-safe and withstand temperatures of up to 70°C.
In addition to organising the drawer of a medical trolley, the bins help in stock replenishment operations. From a picking station, only bins filled with what is out of stock can reach the trolley, operating a full-for-empty exchange. This adds flexibility to the replenishment system: you can choose to move one or more FH-Drawers (remember: they’re transportable) to the storage area, or you move bins only; you may exchange empty containers for full containers, or do the contrary… it’s entirely up to you.

Using bin dividers means going from the image on the left, to the image on the right, from unorganised to organised
(images taken at FH headquarters, not in a real hospital setting: this is just to give you an idea!)

left a n unorganised drawer, right a drawer with organised contents

For us, flexibility is crucial: the modularity of trolleys, shelves, drawers and bins means that our products can adapt to increased or reduced workloads. At the same time, flexibility and modularity give more freedom in the choice of work methods.

Divider bins for medical trolley drawer organisation are another refined product, made with ❤ in Italy.


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