Drawer Bins



A perfect match for FH-Drawers

Evaluating the capacity of a drawer and its possible organisation is one of the most important activities when choosing a trolley. Think of the difference in content between an emergency trolley and one for chest surgery, or between a preparation trolley for an adult patient or a paediatric one.

A wide range of modular bins can facilitate and simplify these operations. Bins allow you to optimally divide the materials. These bins can be easily moved, reorganised, added or removed without having to deal with the entire contents of the drawer. If any liquid were to spill, it would remain inside a single bin and would not oblige you to empty and clean the entire drawer. The bins are also made of high quality ABS plastic, are dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 70°C.

The completion with mobile dividers that can be placed in multiple positions allows to create compartments of several sizes depending on the material they must contain, and therefore to optimize the space. Flexible label holders positioned in several places allow you to have a quick overview on the contents and to go for a fast pick.

Bins are available in 6 sizes.