The art of Quick-Change


We took inspiration from a famous Italian quick-change artist to point out some very important features of our trolleys and med carts.

Features that increase the value of the investment and prolong the useful life of the object: and this has a lot to do with sustainability.

The modularity of certain products, the possibility of interchanging accessories and components, the transformability of certain solutions without having to use special tools and without special technical knowledge: these are just some of the features that increase the value of the investment, and prolong the useful life of the object in question. These features allow trolleys and shelving systems to adapt to dynamic working environments, which change the quantity and type of materials handled (everything that moves and is administered in healthcare) but which also change their appearance and layout (renovations, conversions of use, etc.).

We can say that sustainability also passes through longevity, and longevity is also acquired through transformation.

A Preciso trolley for therapy administration and patient file management

Transformism pays off

We would like to mention Arturo Brachetti, a very well-known Italian quick-change artist ( and his incredible technique that allows him to change clothes in a single gesture, in less than 2 seconds! In our case, there is nothing incredible, and nothing so fast… but there is certainly a lot of technique and study.
Let’s take for example a PRECISO N.9 trolley that is purchased by a hospital to manage therapies and paper medical records. The one in the photo also has a convenient IV pole. Say the department switches one day to computerised medical record management… what then? Our trolleys are designed according to module logic. The hanging file drawer can be swapped with other 1-, 2- or 3-module FH-Drawers, while a laptop or tablet can be attached to the pole through a holder (just an example: there are more solutions).
This means the same product adapts to a new work procedure at minimal expense.

MOSYS TP procedure table on wheels, with overbridge and accessory rails, plus a block of drawers

Maximum adaptability

As we have already seen in the past (here our article on “Mobile Furniture”), hospital spaces can be extremely dynamic. The layout of the rooms, their volumes and their furniture can change, even drastically. Let’s say a room has a linear MOSYS shelf, and opposite it is a procedure table. Some time later, due to an internal reorganisation, a ward room becomes vacant and can accommodate the procedure table. This table already had wheels, to allow for better cleaning of the room, so moving it will be easy. What about the shelf in the first room?

MOSYS fixed shelving in a corner installation (L shaped)

Maximum transformability

The remaining MOSYS shelf can be conveniently adapted: there is now more space in the room, and it can be converted to an L-shape. A single-column MOSYS-ISO shelf on wheels could then be used to transport materials from one room to another. But what if one day it is not enough because the workload has increased? The one-column wheeled shelf can be enlarged and receive a second column, and all this always without using tools and utensils. And the MOSYS-ISO is fully ISO 600×400 compliant.

MOSYS-ISO shelving system on wheels: a single and a double column version
An eWork Cart based on PRESTO 400 medium, with an AIO (all-in-one) PC, mouse and keyboard in dedicated push-to-open drawer

Technological Transformability

What about an ordinary medication or therapy trolley that ‘takes the leap’ and becomes an eWork Cart? There’s no need to turn one of our PRESTO or PRECISO line trolleys upside down: simply equip them with an overbridge on which to install an All-In-One computer (AIO PC) or LCD screen (and a dedicated drawer for the laptop). Or use a tablet/laptop holder as described above. Once again there is a product that can be upgraded incurring a minimal expense.

A nurse takes an FH-Drawer from a PRESTO ward trolley: this is the transportable drawer created by Francehopital

Transformation through reconfiguration

Even simple elements, such as our FH-Drawers, participate in this “transformation game”. FH-Drawers ‘jump’ between trolleys, transport columns and shelves. Not only that: our medical trolleys are reconfigurable precisely because the drawer part is modular! With just a few steps, always supported by our technical service with instructions, also on video, you can change the FH-Drawers in your trolley.
Let’s take an example: a PRESTO trolley has space for 9 modules. You can change from 3 FH-Drawers of 3 modules (3×3=9) to 2 FH-Drawers of 2 modules and 5 FH-Drawers of 1 module (2×2 + 5×1 = 4+5 = 9). A similar logic applies to the trolleys in the PRECISO line.
Not only this: common FH-Drawers can be replaced with the transparent version. And this can be done even years after the first purchase. In the same way they can be used empty, but can also be retrofitted with separators or bin kits.

the universal accessory rail mounted on the side of a hospital trolley: it can be put on, taken off and adjusted with two simple clicks

Transformation thanks to outer panels and inner walls

Our hospital trolleys (but they are also great in nursing homes and clinics!) can be purchased with ‘bare’ side walls. There is nothing to prevent them from being enhanced, even years later, with universal accessory rails: our SABU system (in the picture here) installs with two simple clicks, and opens up the use of a range of interchangeable accessories.

PRECISO TRS transport columns have internal walls compatible with the ISO 600×400 standard. To give just one of many possible examples: a column can be used for medication storage today (using FH-Drawers), and for filing medical records tomorrow (using the hanging folders frame). The transport column remains the same, it is simply equipped in a different way.


Arturo Brachetti will excuse us if we took advantage of his skills, but the temptation to compare an excellence of Italian artistry with FH’s excellence in design and hospital logistics was too strong. If for any reason our juxtaposition is not appreciated, we will remove the references. We will, however, continue to be fans of Arturo Brachetti!


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