eWork Carts: trolleys for Electronic Therapy and Patient Management


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An interesting product for all clinical engineers, Francehopital offers the eWork Cart: a therapy trolley combining therapy administration and computerised patient record management.
These trolleys can be equipped with different types of devices (laptops, tablets, all-in-one PCs, etc) and barcode readers, while drawers can be mixed to accommodate all types of medications.
And also the size of screens is not a problem: from a small tablet to a large 22″ screen can be installed.

An eWork Cart addresses the needs of nurses and hospital IT departments: it improves quality of work and ties in with the therapy and patient management system.
It also improves care giving at the bedside, thus increasing patient safety.

Patient barcode scanning, online patient record check, medication barcode scanning, confirmation of patient drug administration, updates of the patient’s record (including patient parameters): all this from a customizable mobile workstation.

A workstation with customizable access rights, perfect for

  • Physicians, assistants and nurses at wards
  • Physicians, assistants and nurses in clinics
  • Pharmacists on ward duty

Some quick facts about IT-trolleys and our eWork Carts:

  • All are extremely easy to move: they are all equipped with wheels of the highest quality. This means a minimum of effort is required to put them in motion from standstill, even when fully loaded
  • Wide range of available screens: you have the choice, from handy tablets to larger 22″ screens (and more)
  • CoW carts are height adjustable
  • eWork Carts from the PRECISO line come in different heights, and all feature a comfortable footrest

And consider that Computers on Wheels

  • Minimize technology costs for modern healthcare facilities
  • Streamline workflows for care providers
  • Reduce errors and improve patient safety
  • Promote patient engagement


Our eWork Carts are based on our mainline PRECISO and PRESTO models.
Retrofitting a PRECISO or PRESTO trolley, in order to give it IT capabilities, is always possible.

An eWork Cart based on PRESTO 600 large, with an AIO (all-in-one) PC, mouse and keyboard in dedicated push-to-open drawer

eWork Cart trolleys

Ideal when

  • computerized work must be mobile;

  • the objective is to facilitate the work of operators

  • an electronic therapy management system is in place

  • electronic management systems are about to be implemented.

eWork Cart trolleys: several supports and holder are available for screens and tablet

Display solutions, sizes and accessories

Several supports and holder systems for laptops, AIO PCs, NUC PCs or tablets.

Different solutions for different needs:

  • Display position: lateral, central, on articulated arm, etc.

  • Dimensions: small-medium-large

  • FH-Drawers configuration: from 3 to 9, in 3 heights

  • Accessories: many available, for lateral and overbridge rails

eWork Cart trolley detail on mouse and keyboard dedicated drawer

Dedicated drawer and customization

Dedicated push-to-open drawer for medical grade keyboard and mouse.

On request we can supply:

  • AIO (all-in-one), NUC, laptop or other PC

  • Medical grade keyboard and mouse

  • Barcode readers

  • Installation and training