The versatility of ESSENTIAL


ESSENTIAL trolleys at Bolzano Hospital, Italy

ESSENTIAL was conceived as a patient hygiene and linen change trolley.

ESSENTIAL trolleys are highly customizable: this makes them extremely versatile, not limiting them to just one role.

ESSENTIAL is available single, like the one in the photographs, and double.

ESSENTIAL double can have open or closed compartments.

And both versions can have a mix of doors and FH-Drawers.

  • Open compartments are best suited for clean linen.
  • Compartments behind doors are ideal for larger medication boxes, trays or bottles.
  • Finally, FH-Drawers are ideal for medications, pills, vials, gauzes or any other smaller object.

Our broad range of accessories can be installed on accessory rails.
Accessory rails can be placed on an overbridge or on the sides of an ESSENTIAL trolley.

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