Essential Linen & Patient Hygiene Trolleys

one trolley, many uses

Specifically built for quick and easy sanitation, this is an original trolley with many versions, dozens of uses and an attractive look.

Essential patient hygiene and linen trolley in a hospital ward


A trolley for all purposes. Discover our Essential range and one of the smartest solutions for multifunctional trolleys. Essential can be equipped with almost all of our accessories.
This truly is a highly versatile and flexible range of trolleys.

More than a dozen configurations are available:

  • for morning and evening hygiene of the patient/guest
  • for the changing of linen (distribution of clean linen and collection of dirty linen and waste)
  • for other daily activities thanks to its features and versatility

For all SINGLE and DUAL models: worktop and base colours + decoration for doors

  • Turquoise
  • Gray
  • Decoration


Can be equipped with an overbridge and many accessories.

Wheels Ø 125 mm, non-marking, thread-proof and with double ball bearing – 2 with brake.

Size of the SINGLE version: 830×650 mm

Size of the DUAL version: 1210×570 mm

Models Essential Linen & Patient Hygiene Trolleys

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