PRESTO Trolley and Med Cart


Are you in a hurry? No time to read on with a description of PRESTO, our multirole trolley for healthcare?

a PRESTO small hospital trolley with 5 FH-Drawers of 400 mm and no accessories

PRESTO: from the simplest and most compact version (here in photo)…

The PRESTO line of ward trolleys was inspired by the concept “less is more” (** more on that at the end of the article): essential and just right for its functions.

PRESTO is an Italian word (pronounced as ‘prɛstəʊ’) meaning “quick”, “soon”. This word is also used in musical notation and is often used in English and French as a way of saying “immediately”, “said and done”, “soon”, “et voilà”.

This word underlines the benefits of using this line of trolleys in facilitating and speeding up care activities:

  • lightweight, thanks to the skillful combination of plastic and aluminum;
  • manoeuvrable, thanks to its premium quality castors;
  • original, thanks to FH’s unique and innovative solution: the transportable FH-Drawer;
  • flexible, thanks to the many versions, the colours and the broad range of accessories.
a PRESTO large hospital trolley with 5 FH-Drawers of 600 mm, tilt-out bins and pull-out side table, Wally dustbins and an accessorized overbridge

… to a fully accessorized larger trolley (here in photo)…

PRESTO is a true multirole ward trolley, suitable for different uses: therapy trolley, medication trolley, patient rounds trolley, anaesthesia trolley, etc.

It is available in 4 sizes, according to needs and space availability: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and DOUBLE.

The SMALL, MEDIUM and DOUBLE models have the transportable FH-Drawer in the 410 mm size; the LARGE models have the transportable FH-Drawer in the 610 mm size.

a PRESTO double hospital trolley with 4+4 FH-Drawers of 400 mm, tilt-out bins and pull-out side table and Wally dustbins

…to an even larger and double version (here in photo)

The PRESTO DOUBLE can also be equipped with an overbridge.

Not only for deliveries and therapies, such a model also falls into the category of mobile furniture: it can act as cabinet/storage and as worktop or procedure table.

About FH-Drawers, there is an important note: all PRESTO trolleys have 9 spaces available in height, so any mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4 module FH-Drawers is possible… as long as the sum makes 9.


Build your own! Open our Configurator

Choose the size of your favourite PRESTO trolley, choose its colour and then start customizing drawers, add accessories and overbridge.

It’s not a videogame: it’s a powerful and intuitive tool that helps you visualize your next ward, therapy or medication trolley.

And it makes getting an offer for it a much easier experience.

The Configurator makes it possible to explore combinations and accessories for the PRESTO trolleys, for the PRECISO trolleys and for the PRECISO TRS logistics columns.

6 colours!

Another level of customization is given by the choice of colours available for side panels:

blue – white – grey – green – pink – orange

The side panels of the PRESTO hospital trolley are available in 6 colours

(** continues from above) less-is-more

This is the famous assertion by German Bauhaus’ architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969): in his eyes architecture should stop looking at luxury and complexity as something good; in the following decades this has almost become a way of life, a philosophy transposed into design, technology and even clothing.


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