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It might seem obvious, but healthcare communities deal with the same unpleasant but ultra necessary task of collecting waste, just as all other communities do. On top of that it is not normal household waste, but special and potentially contaminated waste. It originates from medical treatments, from patient care, from cleaning rounds and so on.

Managing waste is a huge and complex task per se. But there are additional issues and problems connected with it.
One is very practical and easy to understand: the discomfort caused by bad smells.  Simply opening a waste bag, with contents in it, can be annoying or even turn into a potential bacterial inhalation for the operator.

a WASTY waste bag holder with 2 wheels, for bags of up to 70L

WASTY: the pedal-operated waste bag holder

WASTY has a pedal-operated bag opening system that sucks in clean air from the outside. This avoids emitting a bad-smelling whiff, even potentially harmful, when opened.

Moreover: a bag-holder structure in AISI304 stainless steel is much more hygienic than closed dustbins. These need to be frequently washed, sterilised and dried to avoid turning them into small “bacteriological bombs”.

a double WASTY waste bag holder with 4 wheels, for bags of up to 70L

Double? Why not!

WASTY comes in several configurations. The double bag holder comes in handy if there is the necessity of separating waste (generic waste and plastic, or paper and glass, etc,).

Both the single and double versions are available for 70L or 40L bags.

The single version is available with 4 wheels (with or without on-wheel brakes), 4 wheels + centralized brake, 2 wheels or no wheels at all.

The 70L version also exists as a wall or trolley mount unit. This is very handy in public spaces like a toilet’s anteroom or corridors. On top of that, the floor is free for quicker cleaning.

an ESSENTIAL trolley used for linen change and patient hygiene. It has a WASTY waste bag holder installed on the right side

Linen management and waste collection

WASTY is a great companion for a linen change and patient hygiene trolley.

The ESSENTIAL Dual trolley here in photo is a great example: the open shelves are for quick picking of items, the rolling shutter keeps dust away (the space is for more linen, maybe larger sheets, or trays with glasses and cups, or other items) and the WASTY on the right side is ideal when emptying dustbins.

Such a configuration is a must have for hospitals and nursing homes.

ISEO duo: a trolley dedicated to collecting waste and dirty linen. Ideal for hospitals and nursing homes
ISEO trio: a trolley dedicated to collecting waste and dirty linen, and distributing clean linen. Ideal for hospitals and nursing homes

WASTY in a double and even triple combo!

It is not videogame jargon… but WASTY is the ideal component to make combo trolleys.

On the left – WASTY is coupled to a triple ISEO trolley for dirty linen sorting: that’s ISEO Duo

On the right – WASTY is coupled to 2 ISEO bag holders and a shelf for clean linen: that’s ISEO Trio


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