Why Trade Shows Matter: Benefits for Companies and Customers


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The Arab Health 2023 trade show just ended and we are very pleased with the numbers of visitors we welcomed at our stand. Interest in our products always makes us proud.

But we would like to dig a bit more into this, explaining the importance of a trade show. There are benefits for the producer, the current customer and also for future customers.

Demonstration of the features of a Persolife emergency trolley to visitors at Arab Health 2023

Why? What is it?

A trade show has a cost, both for exhibitors (booth space, construction, freight, travel) and visitors (travel, accomodation and entry) but brings great rewards. A company showcases the most recent products (as FH did with the new PI-NERO adaptive service trolley), new features and upgrades and hopes to expand the portfolio of partners/customers, or maybe even strike new deals. These are pretty obvious points.

But then… there is more. There is the participation in scientific seminars and workshops on best practices; there is the exchange of information with partners, suppliers and visitors, leading to new ideas; there basically is networking going on… quite a lot of networking.

Arab Health 2023: establishing relations among people is at the heart

Exchange of knowledge

Having many visitors is a good thing, there’s no doubt. But an exhibitor also needs time to chat with current and potential customers. There needs to be time to show features and products, in order to provoke thoughts. So: quantity is ok… but quality is paramount.
As an example we can demonstrate our transportable FH-Drawers: we can show their capacity and sturdyness but a detail catches the eye of a visitor: the coloured ID-tag! This person is a buyer for a group of healthcare facilities and it never occured to him/her that the drawers of a med cart could be colour identified. And suddenly this person realizes how such a small detail can play a very big role in making the life of a nurse much easier. It can even help in avoiding administration errors. And it is a feature that has such a small cost!
Also the contrary can happen: as an exhibitor you demonstrate something on one of your products. And suddenly the visitor tells that they do things in a different way, or with a different tool. You learn a new approach, you pass it on to R&D and maybe this becomes a new feature on products, or an upgrade on existing products.

The most significant purpose has been achieved: the dissemination of ideas or, if you will, an exchange of knowledge has taken place. And this can only lead to a positive outcome.

FH products: designed and made with love in Italy

Building connections, strengthening of relations

In the end it is a trade show… the choice of words is self explaining: it has to increase business, sales, revenue and whatnot.

We can not bring down everything to such a material level. As our claim puts it we have to to things with heart, with passion, on a human to human level.

And this is exactly what happens at trade shows and exhibitions for us of Francehopital. We build new connections, we make existing bonds with partners, distributors and customers stronger, we learn from other cultures and from people with the most diverse careers and, if we’re good enough, we also pass something on.

Thank you to all visitors at our stand at Arab Health 2023, and thank you to our team: Lidia, Ouijdane and Matteo!

See you next year.


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