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For over 40 years we have been designing and manufacturing all our own items, so we can do things ‘our way’.
What does that mean? That we can, and want to, look into as many details as possible. And many of these make us truly unique in the world of hospital logistics.

In this article we want to tell you about some of these details. We want to show you that they are design elements that make our products more beautiful, but also what benefits they bring to you, your work and your facility.

the drawing shows the exploded structure of a PERSOLIFE emergency trolley

Hidden details: a robust structure

At Francehopital we have 4 golden rules that we follow when creating our products: ease of use and maintenance, robustness, durability and end-of-life recyclability.

A well-made trolley must follow the same rules that apply to a well-built house: they both need strong foundations. And the foundation of a trolley is a perfectly thought-out and designed chassis.

Hidden in the chassis elements are dozens of details. They all combine to create an object that is pleasing to the eye, but also safe.

Through careful engineering we bring some important advantages to you:

  1. quick and easy assembly: shorter delivery times;
  2. robust but lightweight trolleys: more load capacity;
  3. the trolley is virtually maintenance-free;
  4. if there was maintenance to be done, or even customisation, this would be very easy to carry-out;
  5. greater passive safety: have you noticed that the posts are rounded?
The full-width handle of the FH-Drawers. Removable identification tags in the foreground, available in 10 colours

The FH-Drawer: details in plain sight

Even when closed, an FH-Drawer presents 3 details that differentiate it from all others!

  1. The handle runs the full width of the drawer: it makes it easy to open from wherever you are in relation to the trolley.
  2. Coloured identification tag. The interesting detail? It comes in 10 colours and attaches and detaches with a click.
  3. Built-in label holder. No stickers required. You remove the window with a click and insert a strip of paper that won’t spoil or fade.

When you open it, what do you discover?

  1. You immediately notice its super smooth running: this makes it silent and indicates top-quality slides.
  2. The slides are covered by a guard: the mechanism remains clean.
  3. There are two convenient handles on the side: the drawer lifts out of its seat and becomes a tray. For you this means that you can swap it between trolleys, that you can swap it full for empty, that you can take it to a ward storeroom to fill.
  4. It is made from a single piece of ABS: this makes it very robust and
  5. it is seamless: it has no sharp edges and the corners are rounded. This means it is much easier to keep clean.
  6. If you use our bins to organise the inside of the drawer: not only do these also have rounded corners, but they can also be removed effortlessly.
  7. It opens 110%. This means that the drawer is fully exposed: you see everything and can take everything out comfortably.

And finally… when you close it you can appreciate the silence of the damping and the automatic closing system. If it works for your kitchen… why not have the same system on a medical trolley?

the pull-out side table available on the medium, large and double models of the PRESTO hospital trolley

Everything is rounded and “soft”

Let’s face it: we are a bit obsessed with soft, rounded lines… with the absence of edges! We include these features wherever we can, and wherever construction limits allow us to.

Look at the corner posts of our trolleys. Look also at our WALLY and CLIPPER waste containers, both inside and out.

Look at the worktops of our trolleys, and look at the bumpers on the bases. In the case of PRECISO, PRESTO and the PERSOLIFE emergency trolley they are also a useful footrest. And those who spend most of the day on their feet appreciate this little added convenience.

Look at the push handle integrated into the worktop of the PRECISO, PRESTO, PERSOLIFE and ESSENTIAL trolleys.

Look at the lids on our ISEO dirty laundry carriers.

There are several reasons for all this “softness”. The two main ones are safety and… safety again!

Active and passive safety: bumping into something or someone with the trolley. Or someone who inadvertently bumps into it. And then there is safety during cleaning: the absence of corners and edges makes cleaning more effective!

the back of a PERSOLIFE crash cart: catheter holder and oxygen bottle holder are integrated and recessed in the structure
The shutters on a PRECISO TRS hospital transport column: note the additional handles at different heights, which avoid the operator having to bend down to open them

Quick details: the PERSOLIFE emergency trolley and the rolling shutter

Pictured left: the back of a PERSOLIFE crash cart. Each model has  at least 2 spaces to hold catheters and an oxygen bottle. These spaces are recessed in the structure of the trolley.
Advantages for you?

  1. the trolley’s footprint is not increased
  2. oxygen bottle and catheters are not an obstacle to stumble over during the hectic phases of an emergency.

Pictured right: the rolling shutters of a PRECISO TRS double logistics column. The shutter can equip a PRECISO trolley, an ESSENTIAL trolley or a PRECISO TRS transport column.
Interesting details, and the advantages for you:

  1. The mauve colour, considered relaxing.
  2. Handles at various heights: the operator does not have to bend down to open it.
  3. Opens upwards: less dirt and impurities accumulate in the mechanism.
  4. The shutter can be removed without the need for tools: routine cleaning is much easier.
the universal accessory rail mounted on the side of a hospital trolley: it can be put on, taken off and adjusted with two simple clicks
A double bag holder trolley from the ISEO line for collecting and sorting dirty laundry, ideal for hospitals, retirement homes and hotels

Quick details: the accessory rails and opening mechanism of the ISEO bag holders

Pictured left: all our trolleys can be fitted with universal accessory side rails. And these are rails attached with an exclusive, patented system.

  1. You can get one of our trolleys even without bars, and decide at a later date.
  2. Adding a bar, removing it and moving it in height: very simple operations that can be done with two clicks, no tools required.

Pictured right: a bag holder trolley for dirty laundry. The lid opens via a foot pedal. The detail? The mechanism is operated by a robust nylon cable, and not by a traditional metal rod.

  1. Lower cost
  2. Same robustness as metal, but does not deform in the event of impact, so no maintenance and service interruptions

A customised experience

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