Hospital logistics: innovation and savings


Innovation and savings: when savvy storage, transport and distribution solutions increase efficiency of healthcare operators.

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In Bolzano, Francehopital (FH) creates storage, transport and distribution systems that improve the efficiency and productivity of nurses and healthcare workers. How? 30 years of expertise, a global outlook and a lot of dedication…

The new ICU ward at Savona hospital, Italy: each bed has a dedicated PRECISO trolley

Innovation with the FH-Drawer

Take one of the PRECISO trolleys for intensive care (pictured is the newly built Intensive Care Unit of the Savona Hospital, Italy): FH-Drawers are easy to remove and transfer (see also our news article: “The advantages of a logistics hopper”).

Based on its decades of experience, FH has designed a drawer with a proprietary, seamless design with rounded corners and edges: the result is an extremely robust drawer that is easy to clean and sanitise.

In addition, FH-Drawers can be used as transport modules. They are compatible with all our products: other ward trolleys, emergency trolleys, logistics columns and shelving units. An FH-Drawer covers the entire logistics cycle for the handling of drugs, devices and other goods.

An FH-Drawer can leave the central warehouse (or pharmacy) already stocked with materials or drugs, and arrive directly at the point of consumption, in the ward trolley.

The advantages of the FH-Drawer: also good for the environment

The combination of a trolley + an FH-Drawer means:

  1. simplified handling
  2. optimised logistics
  3. reduced cleaning times
  4. better hygienic results

Last but not least, a concrete help to the planet because FH-Drawers are made of 100% recyclable material.

Saving with FH-Drawers

When we talk about saving, we are referring to saving time and energy.
Thanks to rounded edges and corners, trolleys and drawers can be cleaned better and in less time.

Sharing an FH-Drawer between a MOSYS-ISO shelving unit, a PRECISO TRS logistics column and any FH trolley means optimising work, as the transfer of contents is avoided; it also means working more comfortably and with less effort.

It means moving the content directly with its container, exchanging, if desired, empty-for-full, without the need for an additional container for transhipment.

the worktop of PRECISO med trolleys now has a permanent bacteriostatic treatment that is called Plastisafe

Focus on sanitisation

In addition to the 100% recyclable FH-Drawer, a few months ago we started adding and additive to the worktops of PRECISO trolleys: they are now permanently bacteriostatic. A way of increasing the effectiveness of sanitisation by exploiting a non-chemical principle: the additive alters the electrostatic characteristics of the material and micro-organisms are simply repelled, drastically reducing their life cycle (also read the news article: “PRECISO + Plastisafe: a bacteriostatic worktop”).

A company-wide ecosystem for the benefit of all

The FH team has spent a lot of time observing the day-to-day requirements of countless hospitals and nursing homes, applying its know-how in the choice of materials and processing.

Input regarding problems and suggestions comes to us from the close contact of agents and distributors with end users. The FH team, which also deals with maintenance, upgrades and on-site training, is an invaluable aggregator of information and advice.

From this constant exchange of information with end users, several patents and original solutions have emerged: medication, emergency, therapy and logistics trolleys; storage, transport and distribution systems, integrated and modular to adapt worldwide to the specific needs of each individual healthcare structure and unit.

100% made in Italy

FH exports to over 80 countries, but conceives, designs and develops in Bolzano and manufactures in Lombardy.

FH products not only have an unmistakable Italian design, they also trigger a virtuous circle that is convenient for nurses, healthcare workers and administrators. And also for the patients themselves.

We realised that by doing our job well every day, everyone’s quality of life improves: this is FH’s winning formula.


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