Laundry Management

A broad selection of articles to address the clean and the dirty linen cycle
A broad selections of articles, including: bag holder trolleys, laundry containers, combined trolleys, wrapping laundry bags to address the clean and the dirty linen cycle.

Wrapping bags 


Safeguard of operators

The range of wrapping bags combined with the range of collection trolleys, makes the operator’s work easier, rationalises linen management and washing cycles planning.

The wrapping bag is used for collection and sorting directly at the patients’ bed.

After that the operator ceases direct manipulation of soiled or contaminated linen, because the bags are taken from the collection trolleys and put inside the washing machine where it automatically opens during machine operation.

This way the operators are kept safe from contamination and injuries.

The bag’s special fabric dries rapidly and does not require ironing.

The Francehopital bags are guaranteed for 2500 washing cycles.


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