Instrument and Carryall Hook



HYPPO is a carryall hook.
But a lot has gone into an object like this: we conducted research on materials, on the market, on the needs of users, on production methods, on usage and end of life of such a product; and we put a lot of attention on minute details, on the emotions that shapes, materials and colours can stimulate.
So, here’s HYPPO: for sure it is “just” a carryall hook, but is is also a statement on research and quality in every tiny detail!

Some customers place it on the tube of the ISEO CB line of laundry bag trolleys: they use it to keep the lace to close a bag at hand.
Other customers place it on universal accessory bars on the side of trolleys and carts, or on overbridges.
HYPPO is handy for scissors, infusion bottles, keys and many more objects.

Some links:

See the ISEO Line of laundry and waste bag trolleys here.

Accessory bars are always the same item. But the fastening system changes.
SABU is our tool-free system to mount, unmount and adjust accessory bars on the sides of trolleys: see it here.
SERPA is our tool-free system to mount, unmount and adjust accessory bars on the overbridge of a trolley: see it here.

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